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Create avatar, your cartoon face

Many people or netizen use cartoon avatar for photo profile on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Path, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, instant messengers like WhatsApp, BBM, Line, a forum like Tapatalk or blog.

Before we get to start to create your cartoon avatar, you should know first, what is the avatar?

Avatar is a digital picture that representation of a person. It usually shows the personality behind a screen name and can illustrate the look, mood, style and likes of a person. In many cases, avatars may be misleading, and people behind the computer may look nothing like their avatar.

Examples of Avatars: is one of the webs that can create a cartoon face with easy, fun and free. You can share as the image on Facebook and Pinterest or share as links in Twitter and Google+.

You can also save the result on the website and show in avatar showcase gallery.

For save feature you must login first using quick login facebook button or Twitter,, or you can download with three different options, two different sizes of png format and 1 with SVG-vector format and you can edit or modified the result with CorelDraw or other vector software.

Quick login to save your cartoon avatar.

Below are how to create avatar video using our free avatar generator.

And Nowadays, you can create a great avatar of yourself (male/female) or anybody like celebrities with easily, no need download software just browse with your favorite browser.

Start Create Your Own Avatar Now!

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