welcome to AvatarCreator.net

AvatarCreator.netWeb App for create your own avatar that just like you or other cartoon character with ease, just choose your gender and start to create your custom avatar.

With this App, you can personalize your avatar choosing from more than 300 graphic parts, from various face type/shape/mouth/nose/ears, skin colors, eyes/eye shape/iris/eyebrows, hair and dress up your avatar in clothes and define your own unique look with accessoris glasses, mustache and beard.

You can share your avatar or save your avatar for your social media profile pic (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gravatar.com and others).

This web app avatar generator is based on Scalable Vector Graphic, supported by all browsers and can adapt (Responsive Interface) to the device and works on your smartphone / touch devices.

Start Create Your Own Avatar!
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